Easy! 5 Steps For Feeling Sexually Satisfied Everyday.

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No. 1 is the most important. You heard it before because it is scientifically proven, Sleep. Not to much of course but 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Getting proper rest nightly will help heal and repair the body. Next, make sure you are eating a well balanced diet. You don't have to become a health food fanatic but make sure your incorporating foods from the basic food groups daily. If you like fruits then make sure you're eating lots of them daily. Remember fruits and vegetables have the same amount of nutrients so don't convince yourself since you don't like vegetables there is no way you can improve your diet. You like grapes eat more, you like broccoli eat more, you like fish eat more, got it? Next tip, exercise. No, you don't have to become an Olympian but do start to move that body daily. Start taking daily walks for 10-20 minutes every day. You will soon build up strength and soon have the stamina that is most necessary for intimacy. Another obvious tip, if you are a drinker then you will have to learn to curb that habit. Cutting back will over time combined with the aforementioned you'll slowly but surely notice a return of those sexual impulses that you have lost due to poor habits. Next, I'm not a psychologist but I think all of us know by now, we can't do anything about the past so clear those cobwebs of bad experiences from your head. Learn to look ahead not backwards. The better you feel about yourself the more you'll be able to enjoy being sexual. One final tip I'll include and that is masturbate yes masturbate and make sure it's daily. You may not have anyone in your life at the moment but that shouldn't prevent you from making yourself feel good. As the saying goes if you can't love yourself how in the hell are you going to love someone else!  Now, if you practice all that I suggest you will soon begin feeling sexually gratified everyday!

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